{ Cheers}

This past Sunday we spent the day at George Mason University.
Fiona and her Girl Scout troop performed a halftime dance and cheer at the Girls basketball game.

There were a lot of scouts there. In this picture you can see Fi in the bottom left corner. She's in the yellow shirt.

{These Two}

Thick as thieves.

{The Boy Under The Bed}

Last night I walked into this scene...

Sure do love my little monsters.

The clan

Life is so good.....

{Woodland... Party of 6}

I've decided that once a year we are going to hire a professional to take our family portrait... starting this summer.   Still I needed to document us here and now so I dusted off my tripod.

Here are the results...

Of course our traditional running picture...

I'm still in awe that we made these 4 beautiful and unique children.
I'm even more intrigued by there love for one another.
Life & Love is so good!