Friday, June 24, 2016

The clan

Life is so good.....

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

{Woodland... Party of 6}

I've decided that once a year we are going to hire a professional to take our family portrait...
starting this summer.
  Still I needed to document us here and now so I dusted off my tripod.

Here are the results...

Of course our traditional running picture...

I'm still in awe that we made these 4 beautiful and unique children.
I'm even more intrigued by there love for one another.
Life & Love is so good!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

{Lake Teakapo}

We arrived in New Zealand in the wee hours of the morning. Fiona fell asleep on a bar stool while eating her breakfast. All three kids slept for the first few hours of the drive towards Mt. Cook. I took a few cat naps in spite of my best efforts to stay awake. Ryan was a champion. We all began to fully wake up by the time we reached Lake Tekapo.

 When Reed was younger he loved the National Geographic Documentary "Those Wonderful Dogs".  He watched it with such frequency that Ryan and I are still very familiar with it's content even though it's been years since we last viewed it. It featured the bronze statue in the above photo. I'm pretty sure we were more excited about that than Reed.

Lake Tekapo gets its intense milky-turquoise color from the fine rock-flour (ground by glaciers) which is suspended in the water. It was surreal to see that color in a lake. 

It was even more intense to see it with the Southern Alps as the back drop.

 It's unfortunate I didn't get many pictures of Ry and Reed here but Reed needed to make a run back to town.

We continued to Mt. Cook in awe of the pristine beauty all around us...

 And there's our 8 seater rental with a handsome driver...

When we go on long trips I'm great about taking pictures.  It's sharing them in this space that I fail miserably. I don't think I've documented a complete trip to Thailand (either time) or our Tasmania trip or our Sydney trip and now a month has gone by and I only have this post recording our time in New Zealand. Heck, I haven't even downloaded most of the pictures from that trip to my computer.

  One day, maybe when I'm very old and bored, I'm going to finish posting from those trips. We have so many beautiful memories from our long hauls as a family. The first few days we have to find our groove. Ry is still in work mode so he's a little antsy, Reed and Fiona bicker too much, Clay and I have to get used to having everyone around us all day. Then like magic we all melt into one another again and we find a harmony that we didn't know we were without.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

{Trash Mum's Dress }

We're home from Fiona's Birthday Experience, two weeks on the south island of New Zealand.
It. Was. Amazing.
Of course I have a million pictures to look through and share, along with a million more from the past month or two (maybe 3) but before I do any of that I want to say I have to be the luckiest mama around to have Fiona as my daughter. She is growing up to be such a beautiful little girl...

As per her birthday tradition we continued to trash my wedding dress in New Zealand...
{To see the past pictures follow THIS LINK}

The fog hides a stunning view of beautiful mountains in Milford Sound.

I love how her hair matches the golden field.

 I'm not sure why she kept closing her eyes. 
I didn't feel that I had the right to infringe on her pictures, so
I let her pose the way she thought looked best and in turn I captured eight year old Fiona.

The flower crown she wore has a special story. While we were camping in Milford Sound she worked so hard on building a fairy house. Ryan wove an entrance way out of plants and flowers. When we left we made it into a crown for her "Trash Mum's Dress" photographs.

This is the start of the house. I've yet to download the pictures of it completed.

Here's to my creative, smart, hardworking and all around magnificent 8 year old, Fiona Grace!

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