{Surf Girls}

We only have 4 days remaining to our 27 day long adventure. It sure did fly by but I think we're all excited to get home and sleep in our own beds.  Being a little homesick is good.  I tell the kids it's one of the benefits to vacation, you vacate your life and when you return, you're grateful for all the little things. When we're grateful, we're happy.

I type this with a very grateful heart and sore body.
Fiona and I had a Mother~daughter date yesterday.  I have no words for the amount of fun we had. Watching her get up and by the end of the day, doing tricks on her board was amazing!   This has been a dream of hers since she was at least 5.  We've booked a lesson for Ry and Reed for tomorrow and I think Fiona is going to join them too.   I would love to but I think I would be rolling home in a wheelchair. 

Ryan did a great job of taking pictures and managing the 3 boys.  I can't wait to get an even better look at them all.

{El Yunque}

I was fortunate to join these two cuties on an hour horseback ride in the foothills of El Yunque National forest in Puerto Rico.
Clayton seemed too little to ride a horse all by himself... but he was all business and did a great job!

Having had riding lessons in the past, Fiona was the most experienced of our group. I think she was so happy to be back in the saddle again.
It was just the 3 of us and another young girl on the tour.

Clay rode Pancho. Just like Clayton, Pancho liked to be the leader of the pack. Fi rode Rambo and I rode Bayo. Our horses were a little lazy.  Ha!
El Yunque is the only tropical rain forest in the national forest system. As the only adult on the trip I was able to chat up our guide and learned a lot about the forest and it's inhabitants.    Reed Moe wasn't interested in the ride but he sure loved up on the horses. He's such a sweet soul. (Day 14 of 27)

{Moon River}

Hi this is Fiona, my favorite part is our trip so far is when we visited Moon River, hope you enjoy! :)

                                                         Swimming with Dolphins
                                                                   Mud fight!

                                                               Nate into the wind
                                                                    Go Mum!:)
                                                                         Into the wind
                                                                       Epic Fail!
                                                                       Epic Fail 2.0!
(Day 2 of 27)


Hi, this is Reed.
One of my favorite days so far on our big adventure was going to Miami and going to the Everglades.

Getting close and personal with Mr. Alli!

Learning about alligators to get my ranger badge.

We were walking down a trail when all of sudden we saw an alligator come out of the water.
I think he wanted to get a tan.

This is a picture of me and Fiona getting sworn in as rangers.
 We worked hard and it was an absolute honor.

Here's a couple pictures of Clayton in the visitors center.
 If you measure from the eyes to the nose of an alligator skull, say 9 inches.
You then change inches to feet then you know the alligator was 9 feet long.
cool huh?

Fiona and I working on our ranger badges.

Clay working with dad on his deputy Jr. ranger badge.
 Getting sworn in.

We are having an amazing summer, I hope you are too.

(Day 6 of 27)

{A Goblin At Bedtime}

I was putting Nate to sleep.
Ry was spending time with reed before bed and Clayton was in his bed quietly reading books, waiting for one us to tuck him in ..... or was he?